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Trade Sure is a secret community of the largest players in the cryptocurrency market. At the end of 2022, after reaching the critical point of the fall of bitcoin, a special society was formed, the purpose of which was to create a single tool, to obtain the maximum level of profitability for all players in the cryptocurrency market, Trade Sure became such a tool.

After a short period of Usernameing all the business processes of our society, we decided to open our doors to society, to increase the general level of wealth around the world

Specially for this, the company Trade Sure LTD was created, which has all the licenses for conducting investment activities so that our investors fully trust our company.

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Many of you have heard that cryptocurrencies were created by a legend that has become legendary - Satoshi Nakamoto. But do not frivolously believe that a project using the ingenious technology of distributed databases and encryption algorithms could be created by one person. Cryptocurrencies are something more...

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Cloud mining

The business model of this method of creating value carries great risks in the conditions of high volatility of the cryptocurrency market. When selling such a service, the client assumes all risks, which means that when the cost of cryptocurrencies drops, his income also decreases. Mining capacities are also sold with a small margin. The client loses additional funds from the commission on income and for the maintenance of equipment.

Smart contract

Smart contracts are very vulnerable. The owner of smart contracts can use the so-called bookmarks, changing the working conditions of the entire system, including editing the code. In addition, these contracts are very vulnerable to hacker attacks, and also do not have the potential for development, that is, they do not have the opportunity to be updated in the middle of the project lifecycle.

Forex trading

Forex currency trading will never be able to generate large profits due to the very nature of trading. With forex trading, there are risks of a complete loss of investor funds. An experienced trader should be concerned about the lack of regulation on the size of spreads. High exposure to panic due to the lack of a large number of qualified investors

High Frequency Cryptocurrency Trading

Machine intelligence is subject to a transition to panic sales in the event of a collapse of the asset. The exchange robot is not able to conduct a comprehensive and complete analysis of the market situation and on its basis to form even a short-term trading strategy. High-frequency trading requires the constant presence of an experienced trader as an insurance element.

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